What does Multiupload.io ?

Multiupload.io uploads your file to several free file hosting providers. You just need to upload your file to our server once, it will be automatically uploaded to several free file hosts like Mega.co.nz, Uptobox, Mediafire and more... After the file is uploaded to our server, you will get the link to the download page which contains the all the download links.

Why should I use Multiupload.io ?

Your files are mirrored to multiple hosting services. Uploading files to just one host is no guarantee that the files stay available for a longer time.
Redundant file backups. If one service go down, you still have access to your files.
File sharing is made easy as the downloaders of your content have more choice to download from their preferred hosting site.
Most of the file hosting sites impose various "limitations" to free users. Avoid being forced to buy premium accounts.
It saves your time and bandwidth.
And finally Multiupload.io is rock solid, very reliable and completely free!

How do I upload a file ?

Go to Multiupload.io and click on the area where it say "click or drag / drop your files" You can also drag and drop your files on this area-. If you click, a file dialog box will appear on your screen. Select a file you want to upload. Then click the "Start Upload" button and wait for your file to finish uploading. Your links appear at the bottom of pages.

Where is the Download Link ?

After upload process to our server is over, the download link will be displayed (e.g. http://www.multiupload.io/download/your-files-mp4). You can share this link with your friends or post it in forums, blogs, etc.

Why some download links are still uploading ?

While uploading, some file host may be down temporarily. We do retry until it doesn't fail. Also, if your file are too big for an host provider, it is on "Fail" stats. Alternately, you can verify that the Web site to see if there is no problem.

Could you add new hosts ?

Yes, provided that these hosts have existed for more than a year.